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Hey There

If anyone is missing my blog, I’m sorry for my absence but I’ve been so busy with work and other things I just don’t have time to write about what I’ve been baking anymore. I’m probably gonna end up just abandoning this blog or even deleting it tbh, so sorry about that. If anyone’s interested in looking at photos of things I’ve baked, feel free to follow me on Instagram 🙂


Chocolate-topped Salted Caramels

I know this isn’t actually baking but whatever, I made these last week (it was a flippin’ ordeal to be honest but they’re pretty delicious so it was worth it!) 

I got the recipe from a magazine I found in the staff room at work. I usually find recipes then take a photo of them on my phone so I don’t have to take the page out of the magazine or write it down at work… Anyway, I have since deleted the recipe because I came across a tutorial on YouTube by the lovely Cupcake Jemma from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and I will be using her recipe next time! This tutorial is for lavender caramels but she has got instructions for salted caramels on there as well. I don’t understand why people put lavender in food, I think it tastes awful but whatever!

The original recipe I had used liquid glucose which is the most annoying thing in the world to try and get out of the jar/off of your hands/whatever but it obviously does help with the recipe so I’ll just have to deal with it!!! To top off my caramel I just melted 200g of dark chocolate and let it cool for a bit, then poured it over the top of my (set) caramel, then sprinkled some more salt on the top. 

10525636_10203309922563415_1403549258351473764_nOh and a good tip from Jemma which I didn’t have before I made these is to wrap them up individually in pieces of baking paper otherwise they spread out EVERYWHERE and get stuck to each other and end up like a big caramel puddle with some squares of chocolate randomly thrown on top hahah ugh. 

Just to keep you updated…

I’d like to apologise for my lack of posts over the last couple of weeks but I haven’t been near the computer or the kitchen all that much because my Grandad passed away last Tuesday so I haven’t really felt up to doing anything

Once everything sorts itself back out I’ll get back to baking and posting


Hi I’m Kat and I’m obsessed with buying cupcake cases…


This is my collection of cupcake cases (or patty pans as I call them) I keep them all in their own little box ready to be used, but I never seem to use any of them, I just keep buying more hahaha. 
The ones in the box with the cupcake toppers were a birthday present, and the rest I’ve just bought for myself over the last couple of years. I like the cardboard “cups” because you don’t have to hunt in the cupboard for a muffin tin, they just sit on a baking tray. They look pretty too, the only annoying thing is you have to rip them to get the cake out which is a shame. But oh well, at least they looked nice once haha. I have lots of Christmas themed ones because I always have brilliant ideas to make Christmas cupcakes for people and then I never end up making them because I’m too busy baking other things (like gingerbread)
I’m actually looking on ebay right now for some more… Oh dear hahaha I think I need to go on that show “My Crazy Obsession” !!!